Coronado beach surf report

Coronado beach remains a primary destination for surfers because of its natural ambiance and excellent leisure facilities. However, it is always advisable to possess the Coronado beach surf report before planning your travel. It helps you know more about the weather and, thus, the activities that you can undertake once on site. Here is some vital information about the Coronado Island Beach, Coronado beach surf report, and the best time to visit!

Coronado Beach Surf Report: types of waves

Coronado beach surf report gives accurate information to all surfers who wish to visit this top US surf beach. According to the weather conditions, you can find these types of waves on the beach:

Clean Waves

Coronado beach has about 75% surfable clean waves that have the capacity of holding longer rides in strong sea wind conditions. August to November remains the best time for this surfable waves type. Morning and afternoon are the best time of the day to enjoy clean waves on the beach.

Blown out

Coronado beach has about 25% of blown-out waves due to poor sea conditions. This wave is perfect for those who want to practice kite surfing. 

Smaller waves

This type of wave is usually not recommended for surfing. Plus, the Coronado surf beach experiences just 2% of this wave type yearly.

The Best Time to Surf at the Coronado beach

Those thinking of visiting Coronado beach should consider these weather seasons before coming :


It is the best time to visit the beach because of the weather. There are usually fewer high tides, less rain, and good sun for surfers. This runs from early July to August.


Late September through November is usually filled with large swells and cool winds appropriate for beach swims and surfing.


It comes from late November to around January. Though some surfers visit the beach around this period, it isn’t recommended for surfers because it’s usually cold outside.

Best Spots to Surf on Coronado beach

The best place to Surf on Coronado Island Beach is Outlet. You can find it close to the North Island Naval base. It is a great place for both expert and intermediate surfers who want to avoid turbulent currents. 

There are also cool surfing spots along Baja where you will notice locals with their dogs. 

Some activities to enjoy on the Coronado beach include :

  • Horse riding
  • surfing
  • swimming
  • Beach soccer and Volleyball

It is advisable to come with gears like Wetsuits, Paddles, Fun boards, soft boards, and floating devices. For new or second-hand surfing equipment, visit Surfline Coronado where quality meets affordability.

Planning makes vacations and surfing easier. Visiting Coronado Island Beach during the summer and fall remains the best decision for all visitors.

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