Classical violin and contemporary/classical guitar music

Our Chapel offers both classical violin music and contemporary/classical guitar music. Listen to the music and select your songs for your wedding. The classical guitar music starts on number 12.


Select the wedding music that you would like from the list below. You may choose 2 songs for your wedding ceremony. (1) The Wedding Processional as you walk down the aisle and (2) The Wedding Recessional, which is the song the bride and groom walk back up the aisle to, after you are married. Your Wedding Coordinator will assist you with your selections upon your request.




    Rinaldi String Quartet
    Founder Anna Rose has played for over 75 celebrities including Presidents of the United States, and American Idol Clay Aiken. Just filmed a PBS TV Special with America’s Got Talent winner Jackie Evancho. Appeared in People Magazine. Played the soundtrack for Oscar Winning Movie.
    Click on a link below to purchase from iTunes
    Pachelbel Kanon
    Dream Wedding
    Ode to Joy
    Renaissance WeddingRock String Quartet:
    Viva La Vida




Matt Heinecke

We are pleased to have Matt Heinecke (a local Coronado guitarist and vocal artist) to play for our Chapel weddings. He plays for some of the finest orchestras and bands in Southern California with many accomplishments in his amazing music career.


Listen to songs 12 through 20 to hear Guitar music.